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Fine Art Wedding, portrait and editorial Photographers from england

Tabitha Stark Photography began back in 2016, almost a year after we got married. Marriage is really important to both of us, and so we love being able to watch so many other happy couples tie the knot.

Capturing your wedding day is super important, but so is getting along with the people that have been given that job. So here's a little about us...


Hi! I'm Tabitha, the main photographer and owner of Tabitha Stark Photography. I've been interested in photography as long as I can remember and got given my first camera as a young child. I'm now that annoying friend who is always taking photographs whenever we are on a day out, and I'm obsessed with having picture frames all over my house!

When I'm not behind the lens, you will find me snuggled up on the sofa, glass of wine in hand and a good book on my knee, or exploring beautiful coasts in Cornwall (watching other people surf as I am absolutely rubbish at it!) with my husband and Cockapoo - Lottie.

The only relatively interesting thing about me (and that was the only thing I could think of saying when asked to stand up in class and introduce myself) is that my life started thousands of miles away on the Gold Coast in Australia, where I was born in the early nineties. You'll have to just predict my actual age because I'm old enough now where I understand the whole- 'a lady never tells' thing.

My friends tell me that I am an 'old soul'. Which I like to hope isn't a nice way of telling me I'm boring! But then again, if I could be anyone I would probably be Mary Berry. Her house is just insane!

Tabitha is a fine art wedding photographer from England


I'm David, the other half of the team; mainly used for carrying Tabitha's 'stuff' and trying my best to fluff the brides dress when needed. When I'm not with Tabitha shooting, I'm usually busy renovating and flipping houses for the company that I started in 2019, where I get to use Tabitha to carry my 'stuff' instead!

I was born in Beverley, which is, unfortunately, not as interesting as The Gold Coast, but I was also born in the early nineties. So you can now try work out witch one of us is older than the other!

Ask me about Rugby or whiskey and I'll probably be able to answer you. But ask me about how to put on a corsage and I my look at you blankly. But what I am good at is taking canid shots throughout the day, so when you look back at your photographs, you won't have missed a thing. I also enjoy having a beer with the Groom at the end of the night, which is something that seems to happen a lot, and i'm not complaining.

fine art wedding photographers from England